Monday, 18 April 2016

There's a witches' cauldron on our beach


There’s a witches’ cauldron on Ngarunui Beach.

Have you seen it?

Three dinosaur eggs lie inside, smooth as stone.


Enormous nobbled creatures have populated the beach.

They wallow in their shingly sea.

Are they waiting? Will they rise?  


See the eye, the claw, the gristle spine, the grinding jaw.


The tide makes whales of the sandbanks

Grey backs breach and bask

Swimming for the hills.


Lone stone posts dot the shore

Like gnomes hats

They wig-wag in the breeze.


Footprints, imprints, tail slide, broom whisk

There’s a witches’ cauldron on Ngarunui Beach

Dare you see it?

Don’t fall in it!  

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